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    We are excited to announce that Hope Chapel will be offering Hope in Counseling courses starting in September 2016. These courses will be taught by Hope Chapel's senior pastor Will Lohnes and assisted by Karen Leone.

    Will is certified in counseling and training by two national organizations and has trained and prepared over 100 students. Karen is an experienced biblical counselor with over a decade of experience in ministry through counseling.

    We believe that it is the churches responsibility to steward and care for the people entrusted to the body of Christ. Our mission for Hope in Counseling is to train and prepare God's people in mentoring, coaching, advocacy and to effectively counsel and walk along-side their friends and family through trials and difficult circumstances. This training may also be used toward a counseling certification from a national organization, requiring a 2 year commitment.

    If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please make contact with either:

    Will Lohnes

    Karen Leone  

    You can also reach the Hope Chapel church office at 864-655-7160.

    You can find the classes that are being taught on YouTube at hopechapelgreenville or highlight the following:
    - Just click "Playlist" and then "Biblical Counseling" link.

    If you would like the material that goes along with this class please register for the class. Thanks.  

    Pastor, Elder
    (864) 884-5427
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    Need More Information? Call Pastor Will: 864-655-7160
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