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      1.  Myanmar-Yangon Grace Bible School-Philip Van Lai Lian - This is the second year that Hope Chapel is supporting Yangon Grace Bible School. This school, under the leadership of Pastor Philip, is doing a good work training pastors and church leaders to go out and plant new churches. Last year we also sent a special offering to help when the Myanmar earthquake destroyed so many homes. The need we want to focus on this year is the annual lease for housing for the full time teacher in their school. Total is $3250.

      2.  Resource International- Dave Ketchum - Dave and his wife, Sue, have a burden for helping church planters build self-sustaining ministries. There are two projects they would like for Hope Chapel to support. One is a taxi service by Samuel Yeboah. He is a pastor who wants to support himself and his family by this service while he pastors a small group of believers. He is needing $6700 to make this business profitable.  The second project is for Ruth Akuteye. She is a pastor's wife who has been operating a small dry goods store to help support her family as she and her husband minister as leaders in another small gathering of believers. Her need is for $10,000 to get out from under a high interest loan and make the business more profitable. Resource International arranges these loans from churches like us and the receivers pay them back to an in-country associate of Resource International to help them build up the funds so more people like them can get low interest loans in the future. Total goal is $4000

      3.  India Church Planter-Dr. Epratha Sarathy - This will be our second year to support Dr. Sarathy as he oversees many works in India. We want to focus on two of these projects. One is providing funds to dig a bored well for the orphanage they operate in one of their churches. They are now buying water for over $250 per month. To install a well at the church would cost $3,000.  The second project we want to help with are for sarees [an Indian scarf that wraps around the female body] for the 300 widows they have in 160 house churches.  They like to give these at Easter but did not have the funds to complete this project this year. Dr. Sarathy would like to complete this project but it will take nearly $2,000.   So the total Aid is $4000.

      4.  Rice Bowls- Hope Chapel has taken Rice Bowls directed mission trips to Honduras the last two years. There are three other ways that we can support this ministry.

        1.  Commit to give $33/month to feed a child for a month.

        2.  Give $245 to finance a truckload of food.

        3.  Fill the Rice bowls banks with your change to help the ministry.

      5.  Blessed with Wheels-

      Local ministry led by Hope Chapel members, Tim & Tammy Jacobs, who provide repair or replacement for those with financial needs to improve their transportation needs. They have already helped several Hope Chapel members.  

      We would like to provide $3,000 to support this ministry in 2016. We also will use monies from our Benevolence Fund during the year to aid in this worthy ministry.


      The following mission projects are new to Hope Chapel in 2016:

      6.  Hope Chapel Missions Scholarship Fund-

       It is our goal to have every one of our members to go on a short term mission trip. Some would like to go but do not have the finances to fund the complete cost.  One of our members gave a generous gift a few months ago to start this fund.  Several of those on this Spring trip to Honduras were able to get assistance from this fund to help them. We want to ask our members to consider giving to this cause for fellow members. 

      Our goal for this scholarship fund is $3000

      7.  Miracle Hill Ministries-

      Many of our members have been involved with Miracle Hill Ministries over the years. With 9 different ministries going on, there are many ways we can be involved by giving time and/or money. The two MH ministries we would like for you to consider giving money to this year is the Children’s Home and the Thanksgiving Turkey Fry.

      Our total goal is $2000.

      8.  Hope Chapel Church Plant-

      It is the responsibility of every church to multiply. God brought Matt Johnson to us and is one of our members who is called to pastor a church plant. We do not know if that is going to be sooner or later but we are giving our members the opportunity this year to give to a fund that Hope Chapel will use as God directs in planting another church in the Upstate.

      Our goal is $3000.

      9.  Hospital Cristiano Santa Fe – Guatemala -

      Dr. Sergio Castillo had a very profitable practice in Guatemala City several years ago when a friend invited him to visit some of the bush villages that had no hospitals. He was so moved by the poor medical conditions he found that he and his wife decided to give up their secure medical practice and set up a practice in the bush.  Hospital Cristiano Santa Fe was born.  Dr. Sergio is serving these small villages receiving only what the people can afford to receive his services.

      Total is to raise $2,000 to help this needed work.

        10.  The Story – Spread Truth Ministries –  Jerry McCorkle. This is a very unique opportunity for Hope. We will hear from Jerry on the last Sunday in April. The Story shares the Gospel through a digital graphic video into several languages so all that is needed to share is a smart phone and the Gospel is told. Also Spread Truth Ministries (STM) takes trips to NYC for a week in the summer so one can experience sharing the Gospel in a multicultural circumstance without leaving the USA. Hope will be partnering with STM in this soon. World Translators has contacted STM and desires to use their ministry tool as a way to put the Gospel into all known languages. THIS IS HUGE. Lord willing this will be a growing partnership of great value for Hope and STM.

      We want to give them $3000 so they will translate The Story into Burmese for Pastor Phillip.

      11. Upstate Worship - This is a particular mission leadership for Hope. We have talked for years about the need for churches to come together for a night of worship. This is important for us. So we are planning to bring in worship bands, worship leaders for a free night of worship. A love offering will be taken up for expenses.

      We would like to start this ministry with a support gift of $3000.

      Please spend some time praying which of these missionary opportunities you would like to support this year. Our Mission Offering is set at approximately $25,000 and it will take all of us sacrificially giving to make that in one offering. May God grant us an abundantly that will spread the Gospel all over the world. The Mission Offering will be given on April 24, 2016 at Hope

      Hope Chapel will be selling handmade jewelry after church service this Sunday and the following Sunday. Your purchase will support a ministry called Heshima that helps disabled children in Kenya, Africa and will also help fund our Missions scholarship fund to assist our members financially to serve in the mission field.  You can designate your purchase to help support an individual who is going on our Honduras trip coming up in March if you'd like.

      Hope Chapel Honduras Mission Trip with Rice Bowls
      March 27, 2016 to April 3, 2016  

      Hope Chapel Team Members

      Alan & Jonathan Buttery, Chris Campbell, Byron & Sam Hardy , Ted & Amity Hoffman, Bryan, Emma & Gavin Martin, Delaine & Greg Page 

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