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    Mission Projects for Hope Chapel 2017

    1. Fill this bowl and feed an orphaned child for a month

    Rice Bowls partners with Christian orphanages around the world and teach them God’s Word every day. Rice Bowls believes that every child has four basic necessities: Provision, Protection, Affection, and Instruction. We feel privileged to be partners with orphanages that are taking care of all four. There are three ways that we can support this ministry:
    1. Give $10/mo. to feed a kid a meal a day for a month.
    2. Give $245 to finance a truckload of food.
    3. Fill the Rice Bowls banks with your change to help the ministry. www.RiceBowls.org

    2. The Story - Spread Truth Ministries - Jerry McCorkle

    The Story shares the Gospel through a digital graphic video that is translated into several languages so that all you need to share the love of Jesus is your smart phone. World Translators has contacted Spread Truth Ministries and desires to use their ministry tool as a way to put the Gospel into all known languages. What a blessing! www.SpreadTruth.com

    3. Mission Resource International - David and Sue Ketchum

    Dave and Sue have a burden for helping church planters build self-sustaining ministries. Mission Resource International (MRI) seeks funds from churches like Hope Chapel (HC) to make low interest loans to people in ministry to help them be self-supporting. Let’s help MRI raise money so they can offer low interest loans to third world Christian workers to be more self-supporting. www.MissionResource.org

    4. Greer Leadership Class Project

    Leadership Greer Class 37 is looking for support for the Greer Housing Authority Biblebrook Community playground revitalization.  The money will go toward new surfacing material to the existing playground set, painting and cleaning the existing playground set, new lighting for safety, a new playground set for older children, a new basketball court and goal, and a picnic shelter and benches for family gatherings.

    5. Miracle Hill Ministries

    They have nine ministries, but HC wants to focus this year on their Children's Home north of Greenville. This will give our own members an opportunity to do some mission work less than an hour away which could be a great opportunity for a LifeGroup project. The children’s ministry cares for abused, neglected children across the Upstate. www.MiracleHill.org

    6. Blest with Wheels – Tim and Tammy Jacobs

    Blest with Wheels is a local car ministry led by Hope Chapel members, Tim and Tammy Jacobs, who repair or replace vehicles for those in financial need. They are able to use their buying power to purchase parts at a lower cost to make the money stretch as far as possible. Their goal next year is to have the cars that are donated repaired and ready to go so that when a need arises they can meet that need with a ready car. They have already generously helped several Hope Chapel members and others. More than repairing or replacing a vehicle, their hearts’ desire is to meet the needs of those spiritually as well and give them the opportunity to get plugged into the church or a ministry that can meet their spiritual needs. Please be in prayer for Tim & Tammy as they would like to have a fundraiser event next year, to better support their ministry and become a dealer, so they can purchase cars at a wholesale price.

    7. Guatemala Medical Ministry – Dr. Sergio Castillo

    This ministry is blessed by God to meet the needs of those who are sick, ill, and have nothing from which they can repay. EXACTLY! God tells us to help those who cannot give back and the reward is in heaven. Dr. Sergio and Ana minister to those individuals who cannot give back and they gave up, and continue to do so, worldly profit in order to do so. Let's give so that they have roofs without leaks, ceilings without bat droppings, and rooms with safe windows so that they can give to truly needy. What a great opportunity for extending God's Kingdom!

    8. Hope Chapel Missions Scholarship Fund

    Our goal is to give every one of our members the opportunity to go on a short-term missions’ trip. Some would like to go but they do not have the finances to fund the complete cost. Several members have been able to receive help from this fund to go to Honduras. Consider giving to this cause for fellow members to experience the joy of serving on a short-term missions trip. This fund can provide up to 50% of the cost of a missions trip for someone who does not have enough money to go.

    9. Hope Chapel Church Plant in Guatemala- Matt and Jessica Johnson Family

    Matt and Jessica are taking a vision trip to Guatemala April 30th-May 7th for the purpose of hearing from the Spirit of God, confirming further their thoughts towards ministry alongside Dr. Sergio.  (Matt is a Church Planting Pastor and has been involved with a replant of an existing church and been a part of two church plants in the Upstate.)  They are prayerfully excited at the opportunity and the potential of harvest in Guatemala!  Their vision, if God so allows, is to go there, earn the trust of the villages by starting as their Hospital Chaplain, preaching the Gospel to them. Then, building God's church through Bible Studies, growing them into mature churches.  Matt will be identifying, raising up and pouring into new found Christian leaders there, teaching them to multiply themselves for the saturation of the Gospel.

    10. Leadership Development Fund -

    Missions is not only in foreign places but it is also in local places. In fact, there are people at Hope who will need funds to develop in their ministry. So we are putting together a fund that will aid in helping those who are ministering at Hope. Seminars, Conferences, and other opportunities will have support so that our people can grow in ministry development. Elders, Deacons, and Ministry Leads will be able to access this fund in order to accomplish goals that will make them better at leading and caring for Hope.

    Guatemala Mission Trip - Sept 3 – 10, 2017

    Team members are Ron Ellison, Auckie Henry, Heidi Henry, Lemuel Henry, Matt Johnson, Ian Pruden and
    Landen Pruden.
    Elder, Mission Director
    (949) 235-5832
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